Should you dig straight down in Minecraft? 

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Filming channel: selosk.info
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15 jun 2019



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LMSPetRescue 22 timmar sedan
...and I do it frequently...but TO BE FAIR I only go down with a stone/iron pick axe no armor and nothing but ladders in my inventory to make sure everything is safe
Ran Zhao
Ran Zhao 3 dagar sedan
My favourite part is when Mumbo digs straight down I know my names weird
Benjamin Grieco
Benjamin Grieco 5 dagar sedan
Out of curiosity did u find any diamonds?
kitty gamer1234
kitty gamer1234 5 dagar sedan
Adil Rehan
Adil Rehan 5 dagar sedan
6:33 Chicken: what is this guy in a three piece suite talking about
SonicJet Prower
SonicJet Prower 7 dagar sedan
I dig straight down all the time and i never get hit by lava im amazing but if my friends come on i'll fill all of the holes with lava
Dobby Rits
Dobby Rits 7 dagar sedan
Umbo merb Umbo Jerb - anyone understand what language I'm speaking?
Dobby Rits
Dobby Rits 7 dagar sedan
MAmbo Juaambo
JJ Switzky
JJ Switzky 9 dagar sedan
I boat mlg parkour
Sean Robertson
Sean Robertson 10 dagar sedan
I will never stop digging straight down. The thrill of unexpectedly landing in a cave and having to fight for your life is more fun than 90% of the rest of the game.
amura_amuletwolf lol
amura_amuletwolf lol 10 dagar sedan
Use ladders and crouching
ranranarts 11 dagar sedan
Where’s the stronghold percent?
Bo Gaming
Bo Gaming 11 dagar sedan
I watched this video , then fell into a ravine and fell into the one block of lava. Thanks Mumbo.
yoyo khaled
yoyo khaled 11 dagar sedan
But there is a lucky Chances to get diamonds by this way my friend got 10diamonds in 25min
bloopygamer1472 15 dagar sedan
Mumbo sucks
SOFIE KARLSSON 13 dagar sedan
ANDRES VIDAL 18 dagar sedan
6:51 Nice
Ruchunteur 19 dagar sedan
8% for lava straight down eh. That's really high actually. sure, it doesn't sound that high if you take it individually. But if you get in a habit to dug straight down each time you need to go down then it's add up real quick. The chance to be safe 7 time in the row by going straight down would be 42.2% (0.92 x 0.92 x 0.92 x 0.92 x 0.92 x 0.92 = 0.422 = 42.2%) which mean that being in the situation you find lava bellow your feet at least one time in 7 attempt is 52.8% already ! more than half. and you know you going to dug down more than 7 time in your world. Still better to be safe (well, safer) and dig a 2x1 hole each time you need it.
ath0rus 20 dagar sedan
WHY would you use a pickaxe to destroy stuff like dirt
SonicJet Prower
SonicJet Prower 7 dagar sedan
because you might not have a shovel
Ho Hi
Ho Hi 20 dagar sedan
everyone let's go digging straight down
Magic Man
Magic Man 21 dag sedan
Mumbo is a statistician! Woaaahhh dude! That made me genuinely 😊!
Seth Dupuis
Seth Dupuis 21 dag sedan
This is hilarious, because I was building a trap that said it was my secret base and not to enter, and there was a lever that if you flickeded it would go straight down to Bedrock. that was my first idea but then I ran into a ravine with a lot of right there i was like WOW, that did it for me! I was in creative mode though.
Test Tester
Test Tester 23 dagar sedan
When u have diamonds before Stone Age achievemnt
Electric Energy
Electric Energy 23 dagar sedan
*i found a stronghold by digging straight down*
KixyllWasTaken 23 dagar sedan
Dream says Smart
Smh_Geko 24 dagar sedan
i never wear armour so when i fall into lava i just wait to die
Redd Peterson
Redd Peterson 27 dagar sedan
The only time I dug straight down, I found a whole bunch of diamond. Not lying.
StrongSandM 28 dagar sedan
A smart way to dig straight down if you like MLGs: Dig down normally, but right before you break a block, jump. If you do it right, then if you see lava below you, you’ll still be in midair, and if your reflexes are good, you can quickly replace the block underneath you. You can also turn on subtitles to see if there’s lava nearby, and if you’re REALLY good at MLG Minecraft you can place a chest and fill it with your items so they don’t despawn or burn
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams 28 dagar sedan
If you’re digging straight down ,don’t Cary your valuables.
M.ammaark 2000
M.ammaark 2000 28 dagar sedan
Teacher: the test won't be too complicated The test:
Trevor Pietruszka
Trevor Pietruszka 29 dagar sedan
the last way is what dream would do
game ninja
game ninja Månad sedan
Now I'm dedicating armor for only digging strat down and the nether with all fire protection and feather falling boots
Shabeina Banu
Shabeina Banu Månad sedan
IM more upset that you mined with a diamond pickaxe but with no armor,not even iron.
Daniel Russell
Daniel Russell Månad sedan
40 seconds isn't that much
Daniel Russell
Daniel Russell Månad sedan
I did this test in bedrock edition 1.16.2. I came back with results of 26% of running into hazards. I classified a hazard as a ravine, lava, or a mineshaft. 6% of the hazards were from mineshafts and the other 20% is lava. 74% chance of being safe when digging straight down.
Progamers group Youtube
i always dig down in minecraft at the all time Some times I find diamonds And iron
BlazeXD48 Månad sedan
Armaan Raisinghani
Armaan Raisinghani Månad sedan
Whats the chance to fall in an end stronghold. Or even better, the portal itself lmao
That outro tho
Malware1336 Månad sedan
If you dig down you can get a lot of coal
AgaBe_ Månad sedan
I could wear a fully fire resistance IV enchanted diamond armor and have water bucket and elytra and firework and ender pearls and fire resistance potions... Or i can not-dig straight down.