Multi-Story CRAWLING PISTON HOUSE: Minecraft 1.14! 

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Today we make a piston house based on the new crawling mechanic that was introduced in Minecraft 1.14. This thing is super cool!
The Mumbo Merch Store! It's beautiful!
My INSANE PC was kindly provided by Chillblast, a company specialising in Performance systems. We have a full range available with 3 systems of varying price and power! Check them out here:
My server is kindly provide by CubedHost free of charge!
Click this link to get a 25% discount off one of their servers!
2ND CHANNEL: selosk.info
TWITTER: ThatMumboJumbo
INSTAGRAM: officialmumbo
OFFICIAL MUMBO JUMBO PCS: www.chillblast.com/mumbo-jumbo-official-computers.html
My texture pack is Faithful and Codecrafted combined.
Faithful: www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/resource-packs/1223254-faithful-32x32-pack-update-load-of-new-ctm-1-7
CodeCrafted: selosk.info/class/video/ioFjq4OaypyIxmQ.html

Intro: ProleteR - Can't Stop Me
outro: ProleteR - April Showers
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Tuesday - Redstone
Wednesday - Hermitcraft
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12 maj 2019



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Tamir Karniely
Tamir Karniely 4 dagar sedan
Imagine a real person (or family) lives there.
Saniack Gaming
Saniack Gaming 5 dagar sedan
Man it seems like that update was just yesterday
GalaxyGlider 7 dagar sedan
Hashim 7 dagar sedan
even before 1.14 you could crawl using water by swimming fast and entering a 1 block hole with a sign
Ildri Gregory
Ildri Gregory 8 dagar sedan
that's the noisiest base I've ever seen.
Losisans Gaming
Losisans Gaming 8 dagar sedan
Clarinet Owl
Clarinet Owl 9 dagar sedan
imagine having sleep paralysis and crawling mumbo just gets on your bed and starts whispering about t flip flops
Sheldon Oliver Watts
Sheldon Oliver Watts 9 dagar sedan
Could you put a link for the world download
Sheldon Oliver Watts
Sheldon Oliver Watts 9 dagar sedan
You should make a let’s play on this with grian
TBB747 10 dagar sedan
4:30 Happy Mumbo
Chris Hope
Chris Hope 11 dagar sedan
Minecraft, person can fit within 2blocks, now a block and a half, now a block high, maybe we can one day fit in only half a block???
Johanne Matagne
Johanne Matagne 11 dagar sedan
Mumbo you're a crazy genius and i love your videos for that
Sundae Love
Sundae Love 11 dagar sedan
Mumbo: *kills the cow* That is satisfying Me, an intellectual: That is sad-tisfying Ok I'm out
Sundae Love
Sundae Love 11 dagar sedan
Watching this hurts my back.
Song Du
Song Du 12 dagar sedan
Nick 10czar
Nick 10czar 12 dagar sedan
“That will give us lots of baby’s we can eventually set fire to Wonderful”
Mate Balazs
Mate Balazs 12 dagar sedan
Mumbo:"I hate if your house is only 2 blocks tall!!" Also Mumbo:
macacio 08
macacio 08 12 dagar sedan
Robin Smallwood
Robin Smallwood 12 dagar sedan
m8 you forgot the armour equipping station
Benz the Protogen :3
Benz the Protogen :3 12 dagar sedan
"3 for comfort, 2 for practicality" Mumbo:
_Kavidas_ 12 dagar sedan
me who is claustrophobic😥
Andrew Boenig
Andrew Boenig 13 dagar sedan
Actually thought the house itself would be crawling. Never know with Mumbo lmao
Naxiey's Adventures
Naxiey's Adventures 13 dagar sedan
you havea limitless sized minecraft world where you can go as big as you want! or aparently as one block high as you want
JOANNA GAO 14 dagar sedan
ThE_CoRrUpTeD_PlAgUe 14 dagar sedan
How long will it take to leave your base
WildFire 820
WildFire 820 14 dagar sedan
"That will give us a bunch of babies that we can eventually set fire to. Wonderful!" -Mumbo Jumbo, new member of the witch hunt
Watson Harrell
Watson Harrell 15 dagar sedan
Jesus loves you brochachoz
Mango 15 dagar sedan
When a friend shows you his “Fort”
AG MF 15 dagar sedan
I need answers of how you build that little elevator
Calvin Miller
Calvin Miller 16 dagar sedan
He could have fit more floors if he used slabs as the floors and celings
Owen Toad
Owen Toad 17 dagar sedan
“And that will give us a bunch of babies that we can set fire to. WONDERFUL” -Mumbo 2019
Gaming For Fun
Gaming For Fun 17 dagar sedan
melons, pumpkins, sugarcane... the things you don't need in a crawling house
Robb and Meredith Witzel
pause at 5:14
rocket jammers
rocket jammers 17 dagar sedan
Make a city made of one block high houses
Hussain Dalal
Hussain Dalal 18 dagar sedan
Mumbo: Puts 2 ender chests beside each other Me: Wut are u doing
Rampaging Apple
Rampaging Apple 19 dagar sedan
Mumbo: And that will give us some babies that we will later set fire to... Me: ... Hold up, WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY???
Rampaging Apple
Rampaging Apple 19 dagar sedan
Nobody: Mumbo: Moving swiftly on... Mumbo yesterday: Moving swiftly on... Mumbo the day before: Moving swiftly on... Mumbo last week: Moving swiftly on... Mumbo last year: Moving swiftly on... Mumbo a few years ago: Moving swiftly on... Mumbo 10 years ago: Moving swiftly on... Mumbo 3 seconds after birth: MmMMooOVVvVIiiInNnnGG SsWWwiIIffFfTTtlLyyYy OoOnnNn...
Rampaging Apple
Rampaging Apple 19 dagar sedan
7:02 What mumbo said: 'After a lot more head scratching...' What mumbo means: After about 2 days of thinking in the shower and grinding on it all night I have finally found a solution to our dilemma.
kerriheave 20 dagar sedan
The 1 black elevator is a annoying
Exo_Shadow 20 dagar sedan
How the heck would you sleep in a noisy bedroom like that one!? xD