Mining for 12 hours in Minecraft 

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I mined for 12 hours in Minecraft on Hermitcraft 7. It was a mega Minecraft Mining session that lead to hundreds of diamonds. I did begin to lose my mind towards the end, I almost lost all of my gear in a lava pool (Thank you Iskall and Stress for saving me), and I spent the last 20 minutes just killing mobs in the area I mined, but still, the goal was reached and I feel pleased that I am now one of the richest hermits on Hermitcraft Season 7.
Filming channel: selosk.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo


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12 aug 2020



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Galactic Diamond
Now do it for 24 hours.
Pizza but with out the b
Remember all the mumbo mare stuff
Key Personnel
Key Personnel Dag sedan
Did anyone noticed diamond ore at 0:39
David Lagos
David Lagos Dag sedan
buenas la verdad re lindo video me encanto aguardo por el nuevo éxito los dejo les envio besis agradecido
Abram Fajardo
Abram Fajardo 2 dagar sedan
Yay! Mumbo found his favourite biome!
JustSheepy 3 dagar sedan
Why was your mouse cursor big and then at 3:50 it became super tiny
Christian Binns
Christian Binns 3 dagar sedan
He needs to improve his 90s
ayaz ertemel
ayaz ertemel 3 dagar sedan
Teddy Chen 5529
Teddy Chen 5529 3 dagar sedan
Mumbo: **Sees Scar with diamonds on his trees** Mumbo: **Mines for 12 hrs straight**
Yi-Hsuan Hung
Yi-Hsuan Hung 3 dagar sedan
I got twenty stacks and 11 never doing it ever again
Jedi Schwab
Jedi Schwab 3 dagar sedan
24 hour?
YTGappL 4 dagar sedan
did anyone else with headphones think the music at 1:51 was actually playing in their room.
Glen Anderson
Glen Anderson 4 dagar sedan
When they say: imma do some mining off camera 🎥 📷 📸 ⛏ 💎
LK_ Iron
LK_ Iron 4 dagar sedan
Counting from 11:00 only
Thorinox 4 dagar sedan
What kind of Enderman farming was that?
Death Gaming
Death Gaming 4 dagar sedan
Dude you are flexing with netherite armour ENCHANTED. Coool
Uriah Garcia
Uriah Garcia 5 dagar sedan
U need an auto clicker d:
Maybe Caleb
Maybe Caleb 5 dagar sedan
_”So I did some mining off camera”_
king creator
king creator 5 dagar sedan
mumbo: 1000 diamonds that's nice if i had 1000 diamonds: OMG I AM SO RICH!
A guy and another shy Guy
He should do this in the nether for netherite
Siddharth Ramesh
Siddharth Ramesh 5 dagar sedan
4:16 aka 12 hours of fall guys noises
Agnid plays
Agnid plays 5 dagar sedan
and look at 13:06
Agnid plays
Agnid plays 5 dagar sedan
i found 10 dimonds only
Crack Animz
Crack Animz 6 dagar sedan
Forever: Hold my 24H
Chittaranjan Behera
Chittaranjan Behera 6 dagar sedan
Redstone attack
Xalzinor 6 dagar sedan
how far can you mine if you mine straight for 12 hours?
Claire Inglis
Claire Inglis 6 dagar sedan
Ooooh, ahoooh, oooooooo, ahooooohooooh 0woowooh-mumbo jumbo 2020
Paul gabriel Vidal
Paul gabriel Vidal 6 dagar sedan
So I did some mining of cam.....
Adrian Hidalgo
Adrian Hidalgo 7 dagar sedan
A worst sound then enderman man dying is enderman dying while riding mine carts over and over with ghosts in the background
Aiden McGroarty
Aiden McGroarty 7 dagar sedan
Saving Private Mumbo
Paul Allen
Paul Allen 7 dagar sedan
0:28 theres the lantern that grian left lol
Rituraj Deshmukh
Rituraj Deshmukh 7 dagar sedan
anyone saw that fact that he got a lot more red stone than coal and lapis together
Gaysexual Nerd
Gaysexual Nerd 8 dagar sedan
"Oh deary me im on fire"
Zakツ 8 dagar sedan
No matter how many diamonds you get the joy of getting 1 is the same (atleast for me)
Grand Flex Johnson: John Jhon Jon Jonathan IV
should have done it efficiently
asterism 8 dagar sedan
10:50 counting with Mumbo
I am HowToBasic
I am HowToBasic 8 dagar sedan
"So I did some mining offline."
Dimpayツ 8 dagar sedan
SonicJet Prower
SonicJet Prower 8 dagar sedan
did you called your sword Prickly Stick? o god that is what i called my first sword