Making a NETHER GATEWAY in Minecraft 1.16! 

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Making a NETHER GATEWAY in Minecraft 1.16! This massive redstone portal has been constructed in Minecraft snapshot 20W06A, with a bunch of the new Nether Update Features - This Minecraft update is looking really interesting, and the Nether Gateway is the perfect way to make use of these Nether update new features.
Filming channel: selosk.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo


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9 feb 2020



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PixelPlay Dag sedan
On hermitcraft if one netherite block is 132 diamonds then how many diamonds does this cost? ENOUGH TO BANKRUPT THE ENTIRE HERMIT ECONOMY.
Jaslene Petersen
Jaslene Petersen 2 dagar sedan
I'm gonna take inspiration from this, I'm not gonna use as much obsidian and redstone though
Benjamin Ansin
Benjamin Ansin 3 dagar sedan
Benjamin Ansin
Benjamin Ansin 3 dagar sedan
Just wow
Benjamin Ansin
Benjamin Ansin 3 dagar sedan
BlueFirePup123 5 dagar sedan
Mesozoica 5 dagar sedan
"Deforestation" *Mr Beast would like to know your location*
Emil Bunge
Emil Bunge 7 dagar sedan
Dragos 7 dagar sedan
P0rtalPlayz 8 dagar sedan
So, I was about to say that you could use a flint and steel as an automatic on/off switch because observers don't fuel the fire that is on top of it and the flame will go out after a bit, however, after testing it myself, for some reason the observer detected multiple block updates while the flame was still ignited, not only when the fire is lit and when it goes out, so it wouldn't work really. I am sad now.
ENTITE YT 9 dagar sedan
that evil laugh tho 9:09
Unicorn - Flowers
Unicorn - Flowers 9 dagar sedan
I HATE IT what is that
Phenom Vister
Phenom Vister 9 dagar sedan
Mumbo do you know that none of your red stone is understood by me please give a better explanation of what you build
Adam Connor
Adam Connor 10 dagar sedan
Hyper_ Emmet
Hyper_ Emmet 10 dagar sedan
If I walked in on someone activating this portal... I would probably leave the server
iitsColt 11 dagar sedan
“oh wait i forgot to start the recording!”
Neelabhro Ghosh
Neelabhro Ghosh 11 dagar sedan
mumbo: its looking menacing indeed me: hoho
Raza Gilani
Raza Gilani 12 dagar sedan
6:53 How did you make the the soul soil being lit on fire with piston contraption
The Piguito
The Piguito 13 dagar sedan
hello. i just started waching and it is preety good
Dylan McLoughlin
Dylan McLoughlin 14 dagar sedan
Anyone know how to actually build this? I want to (supplementing the netherite of course)
BEN NANI 15 dagar sedan
Image all ur builds in 1 world that would be epic
Samuel Ling
Samuel Ling 15 dagar sedan
Mumbo Jumbo and the Goblet of Fire
Samuel Ling
Samuel Ling 15 dagar sedan
The new GameCube start up
Amy Villanueva
Amy Villanueva 16 dagar sedan
Redstone God is Mumbo Jumbo. Redstone noob is me.
Scott New
Scott New 16 dagar sedan
This is the most expensive build I have ever done 10 minutes later... I want to build this on the hermitcraft sever
Captain Unlimited
Captain Unlimited 17 dagar sedan
I'm totally making fan art for this
Thehorse127 Vlogs
Thehorse127 Vlogs 18 dagar sedan
Him being on 1.16 while I am on mobile and not on 1.15
Peter Silk
Peter Silk 18 dagar sedan
I so wanna see what that looks like on the other side!! does it even really work? I crossed lines on 3 of my portals, one inside the nether exploded, trapping me there, making me have to walk for time. Follow up vid! you know you wanna get complex with portal crossing mechanics for us!
Bart 19 dagar sedan
Use commands Look for the deny block It’s better then nether rite you should see it
Jett 20 dagar sedan
Dream should use this in a speedrun
Campbell Lloyd
Campbell Lloyd 20 dagar sedan
Since when is mumbo a builder
Galaxy Hackers
Galaxy Hackers 22 dagar sedan
Auston Liu
Auston Liu 22 dagar sedan
If they have Coloured Nether portals, you could make it loom like a Grumbot Power Sequence so it's 5 of red, orange, yellow and green in the middle it's a mumbo mustache for the first 2 and then the last one is grumbot's face. that way, he sees all
CozyCat Games
CozyCat Games 23 dagar sedan
You have to show this to grian
maximum 999
maximum 999 24 dagar sedan
Dang looks so cool
TheGunn411 25 dagar sedan
It looks like a Pokémon trainer gym
Max Le
Max Le 26 dagar sedan
orange flames with blue
Devid Nijdam
Devid Nijdam 26 dagar sedan
you didn't even go trough the portal
24th R3K0R!
24th R3K0R! 26 dagar sedan
How to make a effective double piston extender in Minecraft PE well Bedrock Edition I'm pretty sure this only works for the switch anyway place to pistons on the side that usual now where are the police going to supposed to retract the block the final block so you know what the input in the middle put 3 4 cake repeaters then put for the Piston that supposed to push the second piston put a 1 4 tick repeater and then the last one is just redstone
Gaming With Tech Encoder
U don't get headache after Redstone build. Because I get