Killing the Ender Dragon with Redstone! 

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Today we try and kill the Ender Dragon using redstone!
SPOILER ALERT: It works.. Kind of. This was actually a much bigger challenge than I was first expecting, but it was a heck of a lot of fun to try out!
I KILL IT HERE! selosk.info/class/video/oIZqto2gwIKrq6c.html
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CodeCrafted: selosk.info/class/video/ioFjq4OaypyIxmQ.html

Intro: ProleteR - Can't Stop Me
outro: ProleteR - April Showers
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Tuesday - Redstone
Wednesday - Hermitcraft
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28 mar 2017



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Onesmus Karani
Onesmus Karani 38 minuter sedan
Rip Mumbo's pc
WolfCraft 9 timmar sedan
“What about TNT 🧨?” What about BEDS
Dafrange Dag sedan
7:01 why didn't u clicked the lever more ?
Leo James
Leo James Dag sedan
We are his SElosk friends!
mai sison
mai sison 2 dagar sedan
The ender dragon is a girl
Matteo Lopez
Matteo Lopez 3 dagar sedan
mumbo! projectiles cannot kill the dragon but can kill your computer!!!!
Keep It Merlin
Keep It Merlin 3 dagar sedan
Title : with redstone Video : with charged creepeer
Czer Ace Emmanuel Mangulabnan
if the dragon destroys the tnt thing hell be disapointed hahhah
12zgaming . Adam and fares
I killed ender dragon two times
Maksud Hossain
Maksud Hossain 4 dagar sedan
just use bedsssssssssssss three to 5 bedsssssssssssssssssss
Feddo Smink
Feddo Smink 5 dagar sedan
how do you get those grips?
Lukas YT
Lukas YT 5 dagar sedan
This should be called the ENDER DRAGON launcher.
Candid Mosaur
Candid Mosaur 7 dagar sedan
20:31 faucet of tnt lol
Hazsle patrata
Hazsle patrata 7 dagar sedan
Just do falling anvils
Can Man
Can Man 8 dagar sedan
R.I.P. pc 2017-2017
Kenny Tarr
Kenny Tarr 8 dagar sedan
Anastasia Dudette
Anastasia Dudette 8 dagar sedan
Mumbo your wish has come true selosk.info/class/video/g5uiw6ecmqKYz2A.html
MP gamer
MP gamer 10 dagar sedan
Nerdy Kiddo
Nerdy Kiddo 10 dagar sedan
Mumbo: We can take him out, notch by notch! Notch: That hurts, Mumbo.
Kevin Holzer
Kevin Holzer 11 dagar sedan
Do all of the arrow systems, but with tridents. They do major damage
Spirit. Tech
Spirit. Tech 11 dagar sedan
Y do people dislike this
bishal.creator 11 dagar sedan
i have only one question........ how are you filling up those dispensers??????
Oscar O
Oscar O 11 dagar sedan
you noob you have to take out the end crystals first
mania of mania
mania of mania 10 dagar sedan
He killing the ender dragon with ONLY redstone
jonas Man
jonas Man 11 dagar sedan
My dude just show him one of your red stone videos and call the 10x10 hipster door simple
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh 11 dagar sedan
MUMBO : Dont do anything. Me: ok Mumbo: NOW MAKE AN AFK ENDER DRAGON FARM ME: WHUT.
Alex Leavitt
Alex Leavitt 11 dagar sedan
13:50 A Grian Powered Machine
bobbleheadbob 12 dagar sedan
"the chink in the armour"
MRINMOY K 12 dagar sedan
Try dropping sand over him
yang li
yang li 12 dagar sedan
or launches 10Google plex TNT at once
yang li
yang li 12 dagar sedan
just launches 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000 TNT at once
Michael Hardeman
Michael Hardeman 12 dagar sedan
Take all towers down
Mr_BabyShark 13 dagar sedan
"All that work for a drop of blood."
Ducky Momo
Ducky Momo 13 dagar sedan
9:29 what’s with the evil laugh mumbo
Joshua Langeliers
Joshua Langeliers 14 dagar sedan
Why not use snow balls?
PurpleGuyCraft 14 dagar sedan
How to kill an Enderdragon with redstone? Simple... Just take a command block and write down the command /kill enderdragon Then, make a redstone circuit and connect it with a lever Finally, flick the lever BOOM hes dead, thank me later
Consta Star
Consta Star 14 dagar sedan
The enderdragon is a she
Mar Jun
Mar Jun 14 dagar sedan
MUMBO 10K TNT:OK ME 10 TNT: What my fps 3
Alex 14 dagar sedan
Isnt it canon that the Ender dragon is a girl? Respect the dragon's pronouns dude
Remedios Maata
Remedios Maata 14 dagar sedan
BEDS! Beds are the secret to kill the ender dragon
FADE_ Kerem
FADE_ Kerem 15 dagar sedan
U can put fire charges