I Made a Nether Safe House in Minecraft 1.16 

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A Minecraft Safe House is a redstone house that has been designed to protect the player/resources inside. The Minecraft 1.16 Nether update has provided us with a bunch of new Minecraft blocks and new minecraft features that allow a tonne of new possibilities for player traps, redstone weapons and base decorations.
Filming channel: selosk.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo


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30 jun 2020



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Attempt 58
Attempt 58 8 timmar sedan
Everytime someone builds a safe house, they forget the fact that people can just fly in with a 90* angle
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha 12 timmar sedan
Easy. TNT cannon the Ghasts (or just snipe them) and build over the duplicators
Caleb Wood
Caleb Wood 12 timmar sedan
Challenge. Other Minecrafters try to break in
SpaceLord 23 timmar sedan
Marcus Hanna
Marcus Hanna Dag sedan
Can u make these downloadable through a link
BeAsTyDeVil Dag sedan
Hear is a cheaper way use fire resistance and swim underneath
Mikhael amiel Paz
Could you make the end safe house?
DeadHacker00 2 dagar sedan
That is too expensive base in minecraft 1 loadstone =1 netherite ingot
WitherBoss F-777
WitherBoss F-777 2 dagar sedan
Ok it's dangerous house for even the builder
Bilal Yusuf Latulatie Riza
Thumbnail: Pretty cool When I watch the first scene: *Just a stone on a lava*
yooitzbobbie 3 dagar sedan
My pocket edition could never
Tornado Animation-games-code
not to mention anvil can’t be bye bye by tnt
CaptainSloth 3 dagar sedan
6:40 Mumbo: No Funky Redstone Going On Here Me: You Sure About That>
SuryaChethanReddy ChennamiReddy
why make a easily spotted safe house instead of making a hidden house
SuryaChethanReddy ChennamiReddy
an intellectual me: make a nether portal into his base, that it, easy
SuryaChethanReddy ChennamiReddy
nah the best way to make a safe house is to... *_lag them out until they crash_*
You may only consume 3 beans No more no less
Barry big (fire) balls 🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Leo Streng
Leo Streng 6 dagar sedan
lol yea me too james
Vinotha's Math-a-Magic
invite grian to this nether safe house world and challenge him to get in the base give him prop 5 nethrite amour
Ryan Xie
Ryan Xie 6 dagar sedan
Anyone else realise u could just use an ended pearl and land on top of the house
Paulius Morkūnas
Paulius Morkūnas 6 dagar sedan
MUMBO JUMBO: THE ACCIDENTAL ART BUILD COMING SOON IN THEATERS I can't believe it.. *sob* he finally made an actually beautiful build.. *sob* *tears of joy*
VantablackXx 6 dagar sedan
Aside the house, i love the way he says "1 *dot* 16" instead of "1 point 16"
NiteFlame 6 dagar sedan
"To make sure we can't detect the player again, we have to make sure the player doesn't exist again" -Mumbo Jumbo
Sriram Gadiparthi
Sriram Gadiparthi 6 dagar sedan
It would take me JUST a year to figure the red stone contraptions
Andersson GarnYri EMC
Andersson GarnYri EMC 7 dagar sedan
Oddy-Moose Goose
Oddy-Moose Goose 8 dagar sedan
Someone will eventually recreate this for the colored belt in the nether, just so Grian can steal it again.
nishita chann
nishita chann 8 dagar sedan
MyWholeLifeIsRuined 9 dagar sedan
haha ender pearls goes brrrrrrbrrrrrrrrr
Dombuilder 11
Dombuilder 11 9 dagar sedan
It is Not the safest Base... It is the loudest Base of all Time!
Sarita Sharma
Sarita Sharma 10 dagar sedan
I will come in creating mode
Julie Kmec
Julie Kmec 10 dagar sedan
But still is super cool
Julie Kmec
Julie Kmec 10 dagar sedan
I could beat this house with an elytra and a rocket
Gracey Xx
Gracey Xx 10 dagar sedan
Mumbo: Creates this whole base that probably took him 5 hours so that he could jeep people out of his house. Me: One sec I need to grab my elytra so I can fly in through the top.
Domenic Linnell
Domenic Linnell 10 dagar sedan
“The first thing we need to build is a border wall”
Buddi vinder
Buddi vinder 10 dagar sedan
can we get a world danwlode so we can test if we can breke in to the haus
Eli Melin
Eli Melin 11 dagar sedan
The little house is where the Disney villan's two nice henchmen live
Lilo Villa
Lilo Villa 11 dagar sedan
THIS IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!❗️❗️❗️❗️
Poppin Dan
Poppin Dan 11 dagar sedan
9:14... yes i would, challenge accepted
Emin Gamer
Emin Gamer 11 dagar sedan
i would
Joel Correa4108
Joel Correa4108 12 dagar sedan
sorry to defeat the purpose but can't someone just go over the base. like over the bombs, mobs, and walls.I guess the ghasts are still there but it's not like they are the best mobs.also if they think of that idea they would probably send down tnt into the base because it looks like a decoy and really sketchy .