How to make a Bank Vault in Minecraft! 

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Today I show you how to make a Bank Vault in Minecraft! It uses redstone contraptions, cool buildings and redstone security to function. It's a really fun build that should keep your items and diamonds safe from griefers, raiders and even creepers!
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Brick The Brick
Brick The Brick 2 dagar sedan
Can u do some builds in Pe coz these don't always work );
Brick The Brick
Brick The Brick 2 dagar sedan
I was gonna say throw in but he said it as I was typing
PicklesThePro 3 dagar sedan
wait i don't know if I'm wrong but he always says there is a world download in the description but there's nothing there except please like if you enjoyed the video
Greenville Queen
Greenville Queen 4 dagar sedan
Dude make another vault video for ps4 please it didn’t work on ps4
Cameron Best
Cameron Best 4 dagar sedan
It didn’t work for me
Bray Playz
Bray Playz 5 dagar sedan
I can’t get the slime blocks to move lol @MirkoDiTV
Yohann Anthony Aznar
Yohann Anthony Aznar 5 dagar sedan
who wants to try this but they are horrible at red stone
dat fnaf piano player
dat fnaf piano player 7 dagar sedan
u should do a vid about using commands too
nightcoregod 133
nightcoregod 133 10 dagar sedan
mumbo:this built is pretty easy the built:
Center Fold
Center Fold 10 dagar sedan
My pro friend: *creates complex security to protect valuables* Me: *Laughs in stone pickaxes*
NIPTHECRAZY ! 12 dagar sedan
Me before watching this - flexing around my friends with pressure plate and a door Me after watching this - WTH who am I ? why am I even playing minecraft ! xD BTW I am a big fan
Ahmet Ganesh
Ahmet Ganesh 12 dagar sedan
Paeden Rowe-Hollett
Paeden Rowe-Hollett 13 dagar sedan
I honestly thought I was good at redstone until I saw Mumbo
Hiram Burton
Hiram Burton 14 dagar sedan
is RAF
is RAF 14 dagar sedan
Anjay bro, i like this^^
Honey Honey
Honey Honey 14 dagar sedan
Efficiency 5 diamond pick = hold bank
Theo Angelakis
Theo Angelakis 14 dagar sedan
Let me know an alternative Immediately uses my idea
ГОПАЧОК 15 dagar sedan
Русские есть ?
Shark Gaming
Shark Gaming 15 dagar sedan
I did it for survivors XD 1.16
creative ALEX
creative ALEX 15 dagar sedan
i i can not build this but I will try my best
Harry Inder
Harry Inder 15 dagar sedan
Not to brag but I can build a button powering a door
Charlie Watson
Charlie Watson 16 dagar sedan
put in?
حنين إلى الماضي
Yuki Gersaniba
Yuki Gersaniba 17 dagar sedan
I’m just happy I made this work in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
Maria Fe Dolorso
Maria Fe Dolorso 18 dagar sedan
Youre so cool mumbo
__ ANNIHILATOR __ 18 dagar sedan
I will make taht with lava to prevent my friends from stealing my stuff
explore Roblox
explore Roblox 18 dagar sedan
Mumbo: does it in java and I don't know it Me: flicks lever and dosen't work after a lot of tries Me: going to the comments to see what's wrong and sees you can only do this in java. ME: F**K
TheRealMEATball 18 dagar sedan
It would be simple they said... it would be fun they said...
Goldcat Gaming
Goldcat Gaming 19 dagar sedan
who else is here from 2020
Aldo Hernandez
Aldo Hernandez 19 dagar sedan
does this work on bedrock
Evy Henriquez
Evy Henriquez 20 dagar sedan
I wish i could be good at redstone
eggy yt
eggy yt 20 dagar sedan
Mumbo Jumbo makes me feel dumb
死神Boss 「英中頻道」
Join my discord server discord.gg/nTqfBC
aqilaw. 21 dag sedan
Hey nice vid bro 🔥🔥 I subbed to your channel, come see mine it would be great 👍
Cole_Crusher 21 dag sedan
Give me a like
Nathan Dave Bugcalao
This thing is so complicated that I messed something up. I have to start it all over again. Pls pray for my sanity guys.
Omar Wael
Omar Wael 21 dag sedan
VANIX-GAMING HD 100k subs with no vids pls
Tip you can spawn NPc’s in Minecraft
Mr.LazyPlayzz FromYT
Im pretty sure this is Mumbos easiest Redstone Giant contraption hhhahaha Leave a like if U think im right/correct.
Ad!Tya ChauRasia
Ad!Tya ChauRasia 21 dag sedan
Will it work in minecraft bedrock ??