30 EXTREMELY Satisfying Moments in Minecraft! #2 

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The Most satisfying moments in Minecraft. Minecraft is very satisfying, with plenty of satisfying things in it! Today we count down my top 30 most satisfying things in Minecraft 1.15. Prepare yourselves for TNT explosions, End crystals and random tick speed changes! This was a lot of fun!
Filming channel: selosk.info
Instagram: officialmumbo
Twitter: ThatMumboJumbo


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26 dec 2019



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Jo Phillips
Jo Phillips Dag sedan
Asamnew Kantner
Asamnew Kantner 2 dagar sedan
me: screaming in real life because a zombies chasing me in minecraft. mumbo: saying minecraft is the calmest game me: wwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Stivaka_next 2009
Stivaka_next 2009 3 dagar sedan
Im so bad at redstone that I idk how to make a redstone clock thingy
Tiggy _ McGiggy
Tiggy _ McGiggy 3 dagar sedan
7:48 migrate
Tennyson TV
Tennyson TV 6 dagar sedan
Explode it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now!
Peter Szöke
Peter Szöke 6 dagar sedan
1:30 tinkers construct, thank you :D
Tijn Groot
Tijn Groot 6 dagar sedan
3:46 ENDicipation haha Haha *End* me
Iris Oliveria
Iris Oliveria 6 dagar sedan
Once I got a return to sender with a fishing rod
Subrat Katara
Subrat Katara 7 dagar sedan
How is no one talking about the bedrock slab !!!
Cole Winkelmann
Cole Winkelmann 8 dagar sedan
Hdusgdugdjfgsostcjdfdgshdvshdgsusgdjgsjsgsjsgsudgshdfdhcgeidtwjsffjctskxoidhfkgod?!!?.,.,. .hdoheihihr
JonproXD Gaming
JonproXD Gaming 8 dagar sedan
He didnt explode it
master cubes 2.0
master cubes 2.0 8 dagar sedan
Totally true. Minecraft is satisfying.
Anonymous 101
Anonymous 101 8 dagar sedan
My favorite one is when you are trying to get seeds in a safari and just running around destroying grass and you get that repeating sound
SonicJet Prower
SonicJet Prower 8 dagar sedan
the most satisfying ting i've done is find a village and make a huge chicken bomb and seeing thousands upon thousands of chickens flying everywhere
Megan Ashley Pangan
Megan Ashley Pangan 9 dagar sedan
heart shaped water pond
aarush patel
aarush patel 10 dagar sedan
my fbi agent :SIR THE PANDAS ARE MIGRATTING me: MOM DAD PANDAS ARE MIGRATING i would edit for 1 mil likes but i am not that evil 😈
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer 10 dagar sedan
jumping while sprinting up stairs makes you much faster than just sprinting...
autsticplane 911
autsticplane 911 10 dagar sedan
Doom eternal is the most satisfying game
anonimous hecker
anonimous hecker 10 dagar sedan
/Setblock and /fill Is fór end portal gate because it Is a block not an entity like end crystal
super player
super player 10 dagar sedan
Put the panda command
Mello 11 dagar sedan
U forgot to explode the end crystalzzzzzzzzzzzz
Rea Perry
Rea Perry 11 dagar sedan
7:50 juice shot out of my nose
Rea Perry
Rea Perry 11 dagar sedan
Anyone feel silly for imagining him as a person that always wears a suit and has an actual 50's style thick mustache?
KingFrogBog 10 dagar sedan
Tyeloreen Goble
Tyeloreen Goble 11 dagar sedan
bena benjamean
bena benjamean 11 dagar sedan
you did not splode em why tell me why mumbo >:(
Vito De Pito
Vito De Pito 11 dagar sedan
throwing a stack of iron blocks in lava... ahhh sooo satisfying
Rampagewolf 11 dagar sedan
Mumbo: When you break the final blocks to finish the hole you're digging Me: ahuh Mumbo: * turns around * Me: O_O
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 9 dagar sedan
What is the seed?
Rampagewolf 9 dagar sedan
Im uuuh inside a hole in the ground and a guy with a mustache keeps makin it wider
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 9 dagar sedan
Where is your location?
Rampagewolf 9 dagar sedan
@Jeff Smith uhh i think there is a giant hole that was bigger than the expected outcome
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith 9 dagar sedan
911 what's your emergency?
Joel Casale
Joel Casale 12 dagar sedan
Dorian FRENCH 11 dagar sedan
thats how much he values diamonds
Dorian FRENCH 11 dagar sedan
he did omg
Nate PlaysYT
Nate PlaysYT 12 dagar sedan
monster games
monster games 12 dagar sedan
6:35 activte it for 20 minetes go *on* them and boom it (u never go down u can get to milions)
_ Harbinjer
_ Harbinjer 12 dagar sedan
✓✓✓ What 3000 end crystals™ look like detonated° at once, cheers! selosk.info/class/video/oo6pkm5j24tks6c.html
KingFrogBog 10 dagar sedan
Thank you thank you
Victoria Stainsby
Victoria Stainsby 12 dagar sedan
I’ve been click baited
Smack Back Gaming
Smack Back Gaming 13 dagar sedan
Wandering traders would be good if they were rare
Anuj Jani
Anuj Jani 13 dagar sedan
mumbo saying that he will blow up the crystals and then not doing it is not very satisfying.
Jake Jones
Jake Jones 13 dagar sedan
Wait. Something is missing
Giovanni Vittorio Ambrosini
If u break a skeleton spawner, u should be shot on sight
Aminul Haque
Aminul Haque 13 dagar sedan
and the end crystal
Aminul Haque
Aminul Haque 13 dagar sedan
and the end portal
Aminul Haque
Aminul Haque 13 dagar sedan
That tnt one is my most fav
Robert Keller
Robert Keller 13 dagar sedan